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Exceptional Antique Beads and Bead Jewellery by Stefany Tomalin.

Enter the talismanic world of meaningful traditional adornment –where colourful motifs denote protection against evil and show wealth, power, authority and faith.
There are many rare beads of all materials acquired over the years when I had a unique bead shop in Portobello Road, famous centre of the antique trade in London.

We specialise in the most rare and unusual beads of all origins and I am one of a very few who seriously research beads, i've written 4 popular books about them. In fact I have more than 45 years’ experience in the world of beads and bead research.

I founded the Bead Society of Great Britain, co-moderate an online bead discussion forum - “Beads-L”, and am currently the elected president of the Society of Bead Researchers.

The antique Venetian glass Millefiori and Chevron beads I have for sale vary in size, shape, complex patterns and rich colours. The historic trade beads most valued by collectors are no longer made. Hippies of the ‘50s and ‘60s loved them and brought them back from Africa, threaded on skeins of Raffia or thick cotton because they were made with large holes. However my prices for them are very reasonable even though they are now extremely hard to find.

In many countries throughout the world beads and bead jewellery have significant cultural status, and are associated with traditional and tribal costumes. My selection of ethnic beads and bead jewellery ranges from sophisticated colourful beadwork, “cache sexe” aprons of Cameroon, and chunky locally mined Bauxite cylinders from Ghana, to complicated and large “lost wax” cast brass forms from Nigeria, and bunched, multistrand collars from Pakistan and Northern India.

Amongst the ethnic collection you will also find traditional silver craftsmanship from places such as Afghanistan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and countries of South America.
Contact: Stefany Tomalin
my storage, workshop and teaching unit is near Archway, north London.

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