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Raven Wolf Inspirations was started as part of our Autistic Daughters Education. We home-educate her and wanted to teach her something she could always fall back on, and choose jewellery making as not only is it a craft, but it helps with several life skills like maths for example. She enjoyed making jewellery so much that we decided to set up a stall to teach her Business Skills and it just grew on from there. I have always been a crafty person, and being disabled this as one craft I could do from my wheelchair, I also find it very relaxing and helpful in keeping my hands and brains active.

Our mission is to create more and more Jewellery and Tiaras that have been inspired by nature. Designing and creating our own pieces of work, that bring the wearer not only a unique piece of jewellery but also one that has the shape, flow and energy of everything that we have around us but often don't notice due to our busy lives. The weave of the branches of a tree; the smooth flow the waves of the sea; the colours of the flowers; the beauty of the birds for example we often take for granted but never really notice the intricate part of Mother Natures wonderful artwork.

Traditional healing has always utilised the energy of that which is around us to heal everything it touches. Everyone knows of the healing herb remedies used by the ancient Shamans and Village Medicine women of our ancestors, however very few are aware of Earth Healing or 'Magic' in its other forms, one of which is through the use of Crystals and semi precious Gems. A stone is not just a stone, a semi precious Gem is not just a pretty looking bead; just as a crystal is not just a fancy piece of glass. Each one has a healing property of its own, a property that rarely has any side effects, that you get with more conventional medicine.

Mankind has always had an affection for stones and crystals, although we have no way of knowing how the earliest of these objects were viewed or used. Many early trinkets were organic, made using the ivory of the mammoth, shell and animal and shark teeth. Baltic amber Amulets from as long as 30,000 years ago have been excavated in Britain, the Ancient Sumerians included crystals in magic formulas. The Ancient Greeks attributed a number of properties to crystals, and Ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli, turquoise, carnelian, emerald and clear quartz in their jewellery using stones primarily for protection and health and Chrysolite to combat night terrors and purge evil spirits. Indeed many tribal cultures have continued the use of gemstones in healing until very recently, if not through to the present day, and even in The Western Advance civilisations though little evidence exists to prove the medical merits of crystal healing it is still sought after as a beneficial complementary treatment.

Currently training as a Crystal Healing Practitioner it is our aim to offer jewellery containing various crystals aimed at healing some of the more common ailments of the 21st Century.
Contact: Lorn Gadd
Hull East Yorkshire

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